Jiangsu Zongheng Concentrating and Drying Equipment Co., Ltd.
Name:Jiangsu Zongheng Concentrating and Drying Equipment Co., Ltd.
About Us
JIANGSU ZONGHENG CONCENTRATING AND DRYING EQUIPMENT CO. Ltd had been established in 1991, is located in Zhoutie Town, Yixing City, near the Tai Lake, China. The area of the plant is approximately 22, 000 square meters. Our company owns professional technology of manufacturing in concentratingdryingstarch and alcohol DDGS equipments which widely are used in the industry of fermentationfood chemistry pharmacy environment and so on. We had passed ISO9001: 200 international quality system certifying and obtained Manufacture License of Special Equipment People's Republic of China, owned the ability of manufacturing Class three low middle pressure vessels. We owns a professional team of designingR & Dmanufactring. ZONGHENG had successfully developed low power consumption and high efficiency evaporation concentrating plant in monosodium glutamate waste liquidethanol waste liquid ammonium sulfateitaconic acidsorbitolumpropionic acidcorn slurry sugar liquid etc. Now Zongheng has been leading professional manufacturer of evaporator in China. The biggest five effects evaporation plants of monosodium glutamate waste liquid had been successfully used in China, evaporation capacity had reached to 120T/h, In fact, Zongheng has owned absolutely leading evaporation technology. Tube bundle dryer had been designed and manufactured by ourself, the drying capacity had reached To 1500 square meters, we have been leading professional manufacturer in China in drying industry. Now ZXG Series of Tube Bundle Dryer have been sold and recognized in the market of China and Russia. Other starch plant like as single screw PressesCorn Embryo MullerAirflow Dryer Gravity and Pressure Bend ScreenRotation Brush Filter and washing rotateion flowing plants that had also been widely recognized as high quality product in the market of China. We have the ability of supplying clients professional technology and after service. Hign quality product and special solution not only increase economic profit, but also feel delight for solving clients' questions.
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